Dave Love

Senior Pastor
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Pastor Dave Love grew up in San Diego, California, where he spent most of his time on the beach while pursuing his own worldly view of success as an insurance and security agent. Eventually, God got his attention through a series of life-changing events, and Dave once again submitted his life to the Person of Jesus Christ in April of 1988.

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Joey McKee

Joey McKee

Assistant Pastor
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Joey and Chalyn have been serving together in ministry since 2003. They have been married for 21 years and have 2 incredible sons, Christian and Collin. The McKee’s enjoy supporting each other in their individual passions. Joey came on staff as the assistant pastor in 2009. He supervises most of the day-to-day operations and works closely with Pastor Dave Love while overseeing the ministerial and leadership staff. Chalyn oversees the children’s ministry.  She is also involved in worship, counseling, women’s ministry and front desk.

John & Margaret Winder

John Winder

Associate Pastor
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John and Margaret Winder both submitted their lives to Christ in the early seventies. At Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, they grew in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ while being part of a home Bible study. John was called to ministry as a pastor and Margaret as a ministry helper. For nearly forty years, they have been growing in the Lord and serving Him together across the country, in Southern California, Connecticut, Chicago, and now Colorado. John and Margaret have two wonderful kids and three incredible grandkids.


Mindi Love

Mindi Love

Women's Ministry Leader
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Mindi received the Lord at a very young age while attending Sunday School at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. After a life of complacency as a teen and early college student, she resubmitted her life to the Lord in her early twenties.
She and Dave have been married since 1991.

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Lisa Weston

Assistant to Pastor Dave Love
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Originally from Southern California, Dave and Lisa Weston left behind the sandy beaches and hopped in their covered wagon with daughter Kelsie, son Cody, and their three yellow labs, all headed toward the majestic Rocky Mountains. Over the past 7 years in colorful Colorado, Dave and Lisa have passed the time by befriending deer; utilizing the snow button on their SUV; and entertaining a perpetual stream of houseguests. When not giving her favorite dog Daisy Mae lots of love, Lisa enjoys spending time with family and friends. When not launching rockets into space, Dave spends his time woodworking, teaching home fellowship, and serving on the board at Calvary Castle Rock.



Whit Simons

Children's Ministry Director
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Whitney and Mona Simons are Colorado natives and have been married for 22 years. They have three wonderful children, Hayden, Hunter and Holly and have called Calvary Castle Rock their home for the last 6 years

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Chris Kroger

Associate Pastor
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Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Chris didn’t grow up in the church. After years of searching, stumbling, running, alcoholism and drug addiction, Chris was brought to his knees and cried out to the Lord. In July of 2007, Chris submitted his life and his heart to Jesus Christ.

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Frank Elizalde

Associate Pastor
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Frank gave his life to the Lord at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa during a Saturday night concert. After getting married, Frank and Lisa mixed up their priorities in life and started seeking that next promotion or raise instead of God. There was an emptiness in their hearts. 

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Larry Munsinger

Associate Pastor
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Larry grew up in Hemet California trying to fill the void in his life with everything he could.  He knew he needed a change once he graduated high school in 1995, so he decided to move to Colorado.  Larry moved in with his aunt and uncle who loved the Lord and helped him get on his feet.

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