The vision of the Women’s Ministry parallels that of Calvary Chapel Castle Rock: Win, Disciple and Send. Our specific vision is found in Colossians 1:10, which says: “That you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.”

Our desire is to provide opportunities to disciple the women through Bible study so that they may increase in the knowledge of God, grow in spiritual maturity, and be a light and witness to everyone around them.

To fulfill this mission, we offer Bible studies with worship, teaching, and small groups throughout the year. One-on-one discipleship is also available.

We hold a variety of events throughout the year, so be sure to check our calendar frequently!

Additionally, discipleship training is an opportunity for newer Christians, or those looking to strengthen their belief in God, to undergo instruction in the faith. With the aim of empowering Christians who desire to revitalize their walk with God, mature Christians will walk them through the discipleship book while providing them with guidance, encouragement, and fellowship. Ultimately, those being discipled will walk away with a strong foundation
for their faith and the ability to defend what they believe.

Have a question about our Women’s Ministry?

Contact the ministry director: Mindi Love

Post Abortive Ministries

We are offering care and support for those of you who have struggled with the aftermath of abortion. We have two ministries to choose from. We greatly respect your privacy and both opportunities offer a way for you contact the facilitators directly without using the church website.

The first is Silent Voices. Silent Voices is offering a 3 day intensive study on April 28th-30th. This is an intimate small group setting led by women who have also struggled with the aftermath of abortion. It will be held in the privacy of a home and you will return to your own homes each night. For information, or to sign up please contact Lynette Devaughn

Second, is a 10 weeks study “Binding Up The Broken-hearted” by Healing Hearts Ministry beginning April 17th. The study was written by the founder of Healing Hearts Ministries Sue Liljenberg after her abortion. Healing Hearts ministries is a gospel centered grace driven ministry. The names of all participants and the location of our meeting will remain confidential. This is a safe place to gather to heal and grow in the knowledge and understanding of our Lord and savior. This group is also led by women who have also struggled with the aftermath of abortion and found healing through the person of Jesus Christ.
For more details or to sign up please contact Dawn.


2015 Retreat Sessions:

                 Session One
              Session Two
              Session Three
               Session Four

 Lessons From The Watershed Teachings:

              Exodus 1-2:10
              Exodus 2:11-6:13
               Exodus 7:1-25
                 Exodus 14:1-31
              Exodus 16:1-36
              Exodus 17:1-16
               Exodus 19:1-20:21
                                           Exodus 32

Lessons From The Upper Room Teachings:

              John 13:1-17
              John 13:18-38
                John 14:1-14
                John 14:15-31
              John 15:18-27
              John 16:5-24
               John 16:25-17:5
                                            John 17:6-19
                                    John 17:20-26

Women of The Bible Teachings:

        Proverbs 31 Woman

                                     Mary and Martha

The Final Letters Bible Study

           Revelation 1:1-8
           Revelation 1:9-20
           Revelation 2:1-8
           Revelation 2:8-11

          Revelation 2:12-17
           Revelation 2:18-29
           Revelation 3:1-6

                                           Revelation 3:7-13
                                            Revelation 3:14-22